Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm soooo ashamed

I haven't updated my blog in such a long time :( But, here I am today. Lots of stuff going on this week. Tomorrow we have a funeral mass for DH's uncle on Bainbridge Island. He was 82 and quite ill for some time. His wife is just trying to get used to an empty house. I'm sure it must seem very quiet to her.

Saturday, we go down to Olympia for a 99th birthday party for my aunt. She's the last one of the five kids. My dad passed away first in 1985 at age 68..but his sisters were long lived...each of the other three sisters lived to at least see their 90th birthday. My aunt in Olympia was the second eldest and my dad the youngest. It should be a fun time for the family. We are bringing a life-long friend (age 93) of my aunt along with us - they should both enjoy the time together.

Next week DH & I go to San Antonio for a scrapbook retreat with my Obsessed Scrapbook sisters. There will be about 20 of us staying cool in the scrapbook store. A few DHs will be there, too...mine just wants to toodle around SA and see the sights. I want to take some pictures because the last time I was down there (in the 1980s) I didn't take a lot. So Riverwalk & Alamo here I come!! I'll be working on a couple of swaps - I don't want to bring a lot of stuff on the plane - so I'm pre-cutting and packaging up my stuff. I'm so looking forward to this since I've never met these wonderful ladies in person!!

We've been having HOT weather here (yes, I know it will be hot in SA) and we don't have air conditioning...just a lot of fans and popsicles.

Well, that's the short update for now. Happy Summer!!


Auntie Em said...

Ha! Bobbie must have bugged you!

bobbie said...


Glad to see you're still with us, Wufie! And how are the little voices???
Big hugs ~~~

Ruth said...

Nope, I did it all by myself!!!!! And, my little voices are very well, thank you!!

Tricia said...

You've got longevity in your genes! Nice update.

Scraptab said...

I will be thinking of you all. I will be in Dallas for work. Take care and have fun!

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