Thursday, December 2, 2010

How the time has flown...

...since I posted last. Over a year..what on earth was I doing? Well, having a not so good time at work, so I quit/retired January 8, 2010. Then I had a great time cleaning clutter from the house - something I am still doing. It's great to go through each drawer and closet & find things I thought I needed but really don't.

We are getting the foundation to our house fixed soon (as soon as the engineer's report is completed) the estimate is $21,000 - yup, $21,000.

I was called back to work for the month of October ('new' webmaster quit & they were in between web folks). They paid me the same salary as when I left in January & I did not have to deal with the problematic people where I was before. A wonderful time & I was able to leave on better terms & a much happier me. I told them I would be available if they needed me, but for no more than two weeks at a time. We'll see if that happens.

I've been doing other crafts (other than scrapbooking) and am really enjoying myself. I'm crocheting again & am finishing a Crochet-a-long with Bernat. I chose shades of blue instead of using the suggested yarn. I tore apart an afghan I started a couple of years ago. Here's my afghan before the finishing edge. Cindy enjoys the Afghan, too.

You can see truer colors on my Ravelry page.

I also got interested in using my beads when I ran across the Bead Journal Project. Now, I am not a professional, but I do have some crafty skills. I am not joining the project, but it did prompt me to go off on my own & get creative. I decided to use mixed media - fibers and beads. I chose to do projects about things I liked. So I've done a dragonfly (see the little frog in the lower right side crawling up on the lily pad?),

Christmas tree: I still need to add tinsel or a popcorn string - haven't decided yet what,

the beach: added shells on the beach. I still need to create the jellyfish floating in the water, and a starfish or two. Can you see the seagulls in the sky and the seaweed on the beach?,

fall: this was my first & I ran out of steam after doing the tree & grass. But Mr. Wind will be done next with his big puffy cheeks - blowing leaves around,

and my version of a Cinderella dress: I know her dress is supposed to be blue, but these are the fabric colors I had to create the dress. Now I just have to bead the background & attach the dress.

They are in various stages of 'doneness' ;-)

Well, I have a few things to do this evening & must get to them. I'll try to be a better blogger in the future & post more often.


Kylie said...

Oh Ruth - so HAPPY to see you're back and have been creating. So glad you're enjoying retirement. Love your creations - especially the beaded beach scene.

Geri said...

Well, Hey Stranger!! ITs so nice to see you posting again! Thanks for reminding me there are other crafts besides scrapbooking... I have a tendency to forget that. Love the Cinderella dress!!! Precious!

Tricia said...

Oh my! Love your beading projects - what fun! Great job on the afghan.

ladynurse4 said...

So good to hear from you. looks like you are really having a fun crafty time.

Maria de Lourdes said...

sencillamente hermoso, el vestido de cenicienta en rosa es más romantico y te quedo precioso. Felicidades

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