Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Oh gosh, it's almost time for the cruise!!! Wow, we got our tickets last week, we've prepaid our parking at the garage, reserved a cat townhouse for Sammy & Cindy at the vet's and are now looking at booking our tours online.

For Juneau, we are going to do the Capture Juneau Photography Tour. John had wanted to see the Mendenhall Glacier & this tour includes that, so this is a perfect tour for us.

We are also going to visit our favorite store in Juneau - Caribou Crossings and buy another picture by our favorite artist Karla Morreira. We have three of her paintings already - Stardust (mine is in cobalt blues instead of purple like this picture , Bering Sea Blues and Dragons Moon.

In Skagway, I think we are going to do the Golden Glass Blowing Experience.

We haven't decided if we are going to do any tours in Ketchikan yet or not. We have been to Alaska several times & have done several of the tours, so that's why the Skagway is a little different experience for us & we may just walk around Ketchikan and enjoy the stores. They have a wonderful bookstore there & I know I'll lose John there :-)

Anyway, the time is getting closer & I'm ready to have fun on board with Tim Holtz classes & on land with all the wonderful scenery. I'll try to update my blog daily while we are cruising so I can share the experience with you.


bobbie said...

I truly believe that you should have your own private nurse traveling with you at all times!!

Auntie Em said...

I'll carry luggage!

Ruth said...

If I could take you both with me...I would!!

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