Saturday, January 3, 2009

Huh? part two

I thank CleanScapes for posting a comment about their was nice to hear from them & I really do appreciate their customer service.

Can you feel the 'but' coming?

Yup, here it is. We put out our garbage container & our recycling container Friday night. Then I decided to trust what they said to do and I gathered up a lot of extra recycling, put them into paper grocery bags and found a large box (our new computer came it in, so I know it would be sturdy) to hold it all. I had five grocery bags of cans, glass & plastic and one large plastic cat litter container on top of it all. The contents were not hidden, and I had my son write 'Recycle' on the box.

Along about 11:30 AM or so on Saturday I hear the welcome noise of the garbage truck (they always come first & then the recycling truck comes by later). I am having a pajama day, reading & scrapping, so I am not dressed. I peek out the window and watch in dismay as the big box of recycling is thrown into the back of the garbage truck followed by the emptying of our garbage container. The driver had run the compactor before I could get my housecoat on & tell them to pull it back out.

I am very upset with what they did. They did not pay any attention to what they were doing...sure, they were in a hurry because a lot of people needed their garbage picked up. I can understand that, but the box was clearly labeled my question to CleanScapes is...

What else was I supposed to do?


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Creech said...

Hi Ruth,

CleanScapes here again... If you have a moment during the day, could you please call us at 206-763-4444 and let us know your address, the day it happened, and a brief statement? That way we can address the driver about his unacceptable behavior.

We take our commitment to recycling and composting very seriously and the behavior you describe is not in line with the company's mission. We have active video recorders running on all the trucks and can pull the tape so that appropriate action can be taken.

Thanks much in advance, and please accept my personal apologies for the incident.

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