Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So last weekend, was the second week in a row that CleanScapes was not able to pick up our garbage or recycling. Our normal pick up day is Friday and when there is a major holiday (Christmas, New Year's Day, etc) our pick up day goes to Saturday. (Recycling gets picked up every other week.)

OK, so here's the "huh?" part: On Saturday, when CleanScapes once again said they could not pick up our garbage (they leave a message on our phone - that part is good customer service), they said we could take our garbage to their facility between the hours of 9AM & 3PM. So, if their big huge trucks cannot pick up our garbage because of the conditions of our street, how do they think we can get out with our little puny cars????? On Saturday, we still had lots of snow and no melting. 9AM??? it's still cold and dark and there is ICE on the road. Our car was not going anywhere.

So, this coming Friday it will be three weeks. Luckily, we have a large garbage container so if they really come on Saturday (remember, we have a major holiday this week) we should be OK. But, we are overflowing with recycling and that will not be picked up until a week from this Friday. We have our 96 gallon container filled and have six grocery bags under the table plus three boxes of recyclables that will not fit in the container....they did say they would pick up extra stuff at no additonal charge...just nothing in a plastic bag. Hummmm, we live in the Pacific NW...if we put stuff out in boxes and bags they will be very soggy and yucky.

Anyhoo, the snow is still melting and we never got plowed out. It's still slushy in the street and at the end of our driveway. We still have snow on the lawn. And, I can't imagine what our heating bill is going to be.

Life and times at our house.


bobbie said...

That sucks on the recycling!! We've still got slush in our housing area, but all the reg. roads in town are dry...

Creech said...

Hi Ruth,

I am the Call Center Manager for CleanScapes and hopefully can provide some clarification for you.

While the roads were generally very bad (especially for 40,000 lb trucks) and I know that not every car was capable of safely moving, many people had snow tires, all wheel drive, etc. We had over 1300 people travel to the dump site we set on on Friday and Saturday, so it was a worthwhile effort to provide some relief to those who could safely get there.

We will be picking up your recycling this week, so please put it out with your trash on Saturday. The normal schedule will resume next week, but this week we are picking up every type of refuse (garbage, recycling and yard waste) rather than sticking to the published schedule.

I apologize for the inconvenience of not permitting plastic bags for recycling, but unfortunately the recycling center sets the rules and they don't have the technology to recycle the type of plastic that bags are made from. There are some alternatives to cardboard boxes, however. If you own an additional trash can that is not in use, you can place your recycling in there and put a label on it so that our driver knows what it is. If your plans on Saturday accommodate it, you can keep the additional recycling inside and leave a note on the blue canister asking us to knock on the door and we will be happy to carry the additional material directly to our truck.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to call us at 206-763-4444.

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