Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's melting!!!!!

Yes, it started to warm up yesterday & the snow is slowly melting. That is a good thing. If it melted quickly, we would be under flood watch for all the major rivers here. So, we finally got the car out yesterday & DH did a grocery store run, a pharmacy run and post office run. He had the worst case of cabin fever. I'm just happy I'm home can scrap to my heart's content. I'm working on 1988 right now & I'm almost finished.

Luckily we have not lost power, so the On Demand and all the movies were at our command ;-) We mailed off the Netflixs, so we should be getting some new movies next week.

I have another week of vacation, so I hope I can really have it instead of worrying about DH going back & forth to work & then making sure he was warm & dry when he finally made it the dark....walking on all that ice & snow.

Oh yeah, the washing machine is leaking, so I will now call a Sears repairman tomorrow. **sigh** it never ends.

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bobbie said...

Enjoy your scrapping! It's been snowing here all morning ~ this is the first wet snow we've gotten this year ~ I love the big, fat, fluffy flakes!! (try to say that 3 times fast!)
Stay safe ~

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