Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Has it been a whole month????

Since I posted??? Geesh, life does get in the way of fun. Well, it's snowing here...we've had about a foot of snow since Sunday and the forecast says more tonight. Nothing like snow to bring neighbors together. Haven't spoken hardly any words to them all year & now we are pulling together to help each other out when needed. The snow brought on one good thing. I will say, I do enjoy watching it fall.

Luckily, I am on vacation until the new year...but, DH has to slog it out to the bus stop & try to get into work.

I'm catching up on scrapping - snow pictures at the moment....yes, Robin, I used some snowflakes & when I take a picture of the LO, I'll put it on the boards ;-)

Our tree has lights and a few non-breakable ornaments on it...........Cindy (furbaby girl) just can't leave it alone & thinks we put it up for her amusement alone. The presents aren't under the tree because she uses them to to advance further up the tree.

Sammy (furbaby boy) is being his lovable self and cuddling close when he can, crawling under the covers, and generally being a good boy.


bobbie said...

Love your new background! Clever Cindy and cuddly Sammy ~ the perfect pair!

Jen said...

ooooooh - send some of that snow our way!!! :) It's actually supposed to be 75 degrees on Christmas.

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