Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More of the same...

OK, it was SUPPOSED to warm up a bit last snowed instead. See that car in our driveway by the lamppost? It was cleaned of snow yesterday. There was about 2" more on top this morning at about 9:30 AM. It's 33 degree F right now with occasional snow showers. Once again, it is supposed to warm up tonight. We will see.

This tree was supposed to have the snow all gone.

It must have warmed up a bit. There are icicles hanging from our back porch roof.

I tried to get Cindy to settle down. So I put her favorite puppy in the chair & she cuddled right up.

I didn't put that stuffed animal on top of her, she snuggled under it & turned around until it was where you see it. The tree is safe for awhile.

Oh, and here is a headline from the local paper:

Snow, then rain, then snow again
A weather system blew into the Puget Sound overnight, bringing a dusting of snow to some parts of the region -- and making for slushy, slippery roads. But rain is already falling in some places, and more snow is in the forecast for Christmas.


bobbie said...

It has been snowing lightly here off & on all day... we even had a bit of sunshine! So we got some vid of Seamus playing in the snow with his ball and windsock :-)))
You guys have more snow than we do!!!
Hugs ~

Auntie Em said...


Cute pic of Miz Cindy

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