Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas decorating

The Christmas tree is now decorated and I feel calmer just looking at it. Now, if I could just figure out how to turn the flash off on my camera, I might get a decent night photo with the lights on. Oh well. I've saved a little room for some homemade ornaments from my sisters at ScrapGoods. When I receive them & put them up, I'll post that, too.

The mantel has the nativity and my angels.

These are my snowmen. They are so much fun and they remind me of my sister. She loved angels and snowmen. So, it's a small Christmas reminder of her every time I see them. That's my great-aunt Kathryn on the right. It's a pastel that was done many decades ago.

Sammy, be good.

This is Sammy not being good. I don't have any photos of Cindy not being good because I was too busy saving the tree to take any pictures.

Sammy and Cindy resting up from helping me.


Auntie Em said...

Cindy has gotten so much bigger than I remember!!! They are cute together. Love your tree! Oh and thanks for the reminder....

Ruth said...

Yup, she is growing. She'll be 2 in March. They have settled in quite nicely........quite closely now that it is colder.

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