Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Oh my gosh. It's almost Christmas. I've been busy sending out cards to my ScrapGoods friends, wrapping presents and working. Yup, working, still...but I do have vacation next week, so it is good.

The tree is still standing, only one ornament broken so far. It's just a little piece broken out, so I rehung it with the hole to the back of the tree.

It's snowing in the passes, Snoqualmie Summit is gorgeous right now and the skiers are sooooo happy. I wouldn't mind a bit down here in the lowlands.

1 comment:

Marinka said...

I loved receiving your card Ruth and the pretties you tucked in it. Not only was the card great, knowing that you were ready in quite some years to send out cards to your friends and that you consider me as one of them, makes it extra special!
Love you!

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