Monday, May 19, 2008

Cruising Day 6 - Words & Windows - Ketchikan

Oh boy, alcohol ink, Hambly & Prima overlays. We used the blender solution in a Koi waterbrush. There were six drops of ink in each well of the pallet. It was totally dry and we used the blending solution to wet it & put it on the transparancies.

I only colored the Prima overlays because the pattern is sandwiched between two layers and the blending solution would not have any effect on the design. The Hambly overlays are not sandwiched & so the paint that makes the design would be dissolved by the blender solution. I didn't color the Hambly overlays. We were also given plain transparent pages & two heavier duty transparent pieces for the front & the back. All the projects already had the holes punched in them, but there was a bind-it-all on the table & we used it to bind all of our books.

And the gifties so we could decorate our books some more:


bobbie said...

These are ALL great, Ruth, but this "Windows..." book is BREATHTAKING!!!!!

Auntie Em said...

wow oh my oh oh wow I am lost

That's the most awesome thing I have seen in AGES!!!!

Ruth said...

Yup, ladies, I loved doing that one and really like how it turned out. Tim made it so easy to do & he always encouraged us to let ourselves go & create.

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