Monday, May 19, 2008

Cruising Day 7 - the final gift.

At the end of the session, Tim said he had a very special gift for us. He showed us this cute little suitcase.

He had it made just for us (remember, presentation is everything) to hold the special gift.

The suitcase was soooo cute and opened up......

A stamp made just for us to match the logo for the entire artistic cruise. The stamp will never be available for sale.

Tim was nice enough to sign each one for us. We were sworn to secrecy since ours was the first group to receive them.


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and descriptions of your projects. You've done a wonderful job of sharing your crafting experience!
It sounds like you had a great time!


Ruth said...

Thank you, Julie, it was fun!! I'm still looking at and appreciating all that Tim shared with us.

Erin Glee said...

Hi Ruth!
I joined the Yahoo Group for the Cruise, even though I didn't go because I wanted to hear more about the trip and see more pictures.....but mainly they talk about swaps.....I was so happy to find your blog link on Tims' blog, where you left a comment. I loved seeing a glimps of what fun you all had on the Creative Journey. Thank you for all the great photos and project descriptions! Wow did you score in the "goodie" department! I've heard so many great things about Tim, and they must be true: that he is a genuinly friendly, nice person that does not suffer from an enlarged ego, dispite his HUGE talent. Thanks again, Erin : )

Ruth said...

Happy to share a little of the fun we had...yes, Tim is a great person..a huge talent, but very down to earth and friendly.

Still trying to find places for all my goodies ;-)

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